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:: Monday, January 19, 2004 ::

You Know You've Been Waiting For It

The rules for the 2004 Edition of the State of the Union Drinking Game. I kept tally last year (I don't drink, though keeping score was fun) and I determined that the livers of anyone who actually played the game would seceede from the country. Of course, I do not condone such behavior, though I find that the State of the Union has enough predictable events to make it suitable for a drinking game an amusing fact.

My favorites for the year:


of Drinks

Every time he says....

“The state of our union is strong…”


Terror (however it’s pronounced)

small 1



multilateral or multilateralism

Group shot

unilateral or unilateralism

Choose one person
to drink

aliens (as reference to immigrants)


aliens (as reference to extraterrestrials)

Look wistfully towards
the heavens; then finish your drink

bipartisan or bipartisanship


Any mention of the deficit


prescription drugs


*bipartisan or bipartisanship,
in the context of the prescription drug bill


Announces a new program


* If the program will be massively
expensive (use your judgement)


“Leave no child behind”


college or university or
higher education


**Any word of 5 syllables or more

(bonus +1 if he stumbles through it)

Every time....

he praises a Democrat by name


they show either Bush daughter


they show an announced Democratic
presidential candidate


he gets a standing ovation from HALF
of Congress


they show a military official in
uniform who looks asleep



if he wears a blue tie (he has for
the past two years)


Note: I'm learning how to mess with tables as I add to this post, so forgive me if it looks a bit weird when you see it. I also apologize to the insanely huge gap between the initial text of this post and the table below it. I'm not sure why this occurs, though I suspect that Blogger doesn't like embedded tables.

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