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:: Monday, December 13, 2004 ::

Addendum To "Blogging Style I Hate"

What's the point of having a graphic that takes up two-thirds of the width of your blog? Last I checked, blogs were for the dissemination of information, be it fictional, editorial, or factual. Every single time I've come across a blog with a monster image gracing the top, it's owned by a person with nothing to say.

Oh, and since the major point of blogging is self-publishing information, having a blog template wherein the color of the text is a hair darker than the background is completely pointless. I don't care if it "looks pretty," since "pretty" doesn't tell me jack about what you think or about your life (assuming that's worth knowing about). If I can't read the blog, I don't care about it and your words will just meaninglessly float off into the aether.

If you're interested, the original rant is here.

...and yes, before anyone asks, I do realise that there appears to be a significant amount of people who use blogging as a means to gain experience expressing themselves in english. To them, I offer the same advice as I do all other people with little of substance to say: get a livejournal. (No offence to those livejournalists who actually can write things of importance, of course). If you're not linking, you don't need a blog.

...By the way, the standard pointer/vertical line mouse cursor works just fine, thank you very much. Unless there's a damn good reason to (and if anyone thinks they have one, they probably don't), there's no need to change the cursor to a crosshairs, or double-arrow thingy, or whatever the else the so-called blogger desires but I sure as Hell don't. As a web user, I am to have complete control of my internet experience - if you force me to cede any of that over to you, I will not be happy and much less likely to actually read your blog.

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