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:: Wednesday, March 16, 2005 ::

Illogic's response

::This post is part of the Evolution/ID Correspondence Series::

Rockofisrael8 responded with the following email:

Hi [TheSquire],

My name is Doug Carmel and it's good to meet you. Thanks for your reply. Seeing your current field of study, I am glad to speak with you.

I have sent the pdf on a separate email. Let me know what you think of it. The chapters on biology should be of greater interest to you, of course.

You had written quite a bit, but in order no to have an inordinate amount of 'irons in the fire' let me comment on just a few of your statements and you can comment back on them if you wish.

You wrote:
Actually, through gene duplication (and divergence), the genome could
write itself.

I am talking about initial DNA - not replication of it. Where did it come from? Replication of DNA that is already formed does nothing to answer that question.

You wrote in reference to mutations:
Since this is an absolute statement, only one example to the contrary is
necessary to discredit it. All mammalian infants possess the ability to
produce lactase...

It was written as an absolute statement, but you know full well that the vast majority of mutations are harmful to life and not productive. The example that you gave proves my point. Producing a gene that is eventually repressed is not the same as stating where it came from. So your enzyme example does nothing to prove evolution..
You wrote:
But complexity, and the coding it is based on, does not evolve.
But it does! The first microprocessor contained only three transistors.
Modern microprocessors have more transistors than this country has
fingers to count them. Through trial and error, tech companies have
managed to increase the amount of processing power in a manner following
Moore's law.

Again - this does nothing to prove evolution, but actually is evidence for ID. Tech companies (made up of intelligent - thinking humans) made many, many models NOT by random chance, but by ID! The vehicle that evolution sails round the world on is one of "randomness". As far as you and I know - chemical structures do not exhibit 'thought patterns.' People design things like the microprocessors! They did not come about by time and chance.

Anyway - I have enclosed the pdf file in my next email. Try not to think 'emotionally' (as it is obvious that you emotions are playing into this), but just consider the evidence for ID. This about the origin of all these systems that you are promoting. How did they form at random?

What about the argument of irreducible complexity? In other words - systems that need ALL the parts together, in the right order, to function at once or else none of them will function at all. (Ie. a microprocessor chip falling into the time of the 1400's will be worthless to that era unless all the parts of a computer are there.)

How did all the parts of a cell just come together one day? Please think about this logically....

Anyway - I hope you enjoy the nice spring day. We have a family of 5 children and it is always nice when the weather permits them to be outside to play.

Be well.

UPDATE: My response to Doug's rebuttal has been posted.

:: The Squire 5:23 PM :: email this post :: ::


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