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:: Wednesday, March 16, 2005 ::

People Are This Stupid

::This post is the beginning of the Evolution/ID Correspondence Series::

As I was walking out of my anthropology discussion section this afternoon, I spotted a bulletin board and started to check to see if it had any listings for sublets. The gf needs a place to stay for the summer and is looking for one, so I was trying to be helpful. I was quickly distracted, though, by a creationist screed posted by someone who left only their email, which I will do you all the dubious service of reposting below.

Note: the following is all complete crap, which I will debunk in my next post.

Evolution is a Lie!
Don't believe evolution for a minute. It's statistically impossible. This old theory goes against the modern findings of science!

Strongly consider the following:
[ed. note: the "following" is in 8 or 10 pt font in the original, making it hard to read. I've decided to be nice to my readers and not reproduce the text size.]
**The code within each DNA cell is complicated in the extreme! If you were to put all the coded DNA instructions from just ONE sincle human cell into English, it would fill many large volumes, each volume the size of an unabridged dictionary! Could a dictionary have written itself? No! So how much less probability is there that DNA wrote itself?

**Within each DNA base pair is a most fantastic information file. A-T-CT-G-G-G-T-C-T-A-A-T-A, and on and on... In order to form a protein, the DNA molecule has to direct the placement of amino acids in a certain specific order in a molecule made up of hundreds of thousands of units. For each position, it must choose the correct amino acid from some twenty different amino acids. DNA itself is made up of only four different building blocks (A, G, C, and T). This provides 64 basic code units. If just one code were omitted, You would be in serious trouble. Mutations Kill! They don't give life!

**Design requires intelligence - in this case an extremely high order of intelligence. Man's most advanced thinking and planning has produced airplanes, rockets, personal computers, and flight paths around the moon. But none of this was done by accident. Careful thought and structuring was required. Design blueprints were carefully crafted into products. The biological world is packed with intricate, cooperative mechanisms that depend on encoded and detailed instructions for their development and interacting function. But complexity, and the coding it is based on, does not evolve. Left to themselves, all things become more random and disorganized. This is the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics. The more complex the system, the more eleaborate the design needed to keep it operating and resisting the ever-pressing tendency to decay and deterioration.

**Everywhere we turn in the cell we find the most highly technical computerization. Electrical polarity is a key in the DNA. This is positive and negative electrical impulses, found both in the DNA and about the cell membrane, cytoplasm, and nucleus. The result is a binary sysstem, similar to what we find in the most advanced computers in the world, but far more sophisticated and miniaturized. Did this make itself? [ed. note: yes, I know that the preceeding paragraph is just babbling. Keep reading.]

**DNA is an extremely complex chemical molecule. Where did it come from? How did it form itself back in the beginning? How can it keep making copies of itself? There are two kinds of bases in the DNA code: purines (adenosine and guanine) and pyrimidines (thymine or, in RNA, urasil; and cytosine). Where did these five chemicals come from? Do you desire fame and fortune? If you want a Nobel prize, figure out how to synthesize all five DNA chemicals. If you want a major place in history, figure out how to make living, functioning DNA. If sand and seawater are supposed to have done it, our highly trained scientists ought to be able too.

**There are more than 16,000 nucleotides in a human mitochondrial DNA molecule. (4) There are approximately 3 billion nucleotides in the DNA of a mammalian cell. (People). Technically, a "nucleotide" is a complex chemical structure composed of a (nucleic acid) purine or pyrimidine, one sugar (usually [ed. Usually?!?] ribose or deoxyribose), and a phosphoric group. Each one of those thousands of nucleotides within each DNA is aligned sequentially in a very specific order! Imagine 3 billion complicated chemical links, each of which has to be in a precisely correct sequence! Random chance? No Way!

**Consider the retina of the eye, consisting of 150 million correctly made and positioned specialized cells! "The eye appears to have been designed; no designer of telescopes could have done better." -*Robert Jastrow, The Enchanted Loom:(1981), p98.

There are TONS more reasons to show the mathematical impossibility of evolution. This is only the surface! Email me for a free .pdf file (or paperback book) that is filled with over 900 pages of proof for an Intelligent Creator!

[ed. note: The author then proceeds to list his/her/it's email address, Rockofisrael8@aol.com ]

My now, isn't that stunningly stupid? Click here (or just scroll up) to see my emailed response to Rockofisrael8.

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