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:: Tuesday, March 22, 2005 ::

Read First, Then Reply

::This post is part of the Evolution/ID Correspondence Series::

I recieved this reply from Doug the creationist yesterday, and apologize for not posting it earlier. I've been doing other things with my break, like reading and getting my hair cut, and have only just got caught up with my blog reading and email. Brief synopsis: Doug's busy and doesn't have much time to read my previous reply, so he skimmed the science stuff and shot me back this email to tide me over.

Hello [TheSquire],

I must admit that to see your closing statement mentioning Christ in a positive light was quite unexpected. Of course most evolutionists are vitriolic towards any mention of the blessed One.

As for my personal background, I am not sure where 'rural' education entered the picture... I was born and raised in NYC and went to NY City High School. I graduated from the State University of NY at Stony Brook. True, I did not major in a 'hard' science, however I did take many science courses and have always been fascinated by the subject.

As for your understanding of my being a "Protestant," I guess that would be partially true. I am a Jew who has accepted Jesus as the promised Messiah of the Scriptures. I am also a full time minister who teaches on "Biblical Typology" in Protestant churches across the Midwest. Yesterday (Sunday) I was gone from about 6:30 am till about 10:30 pm - between traveling and teaching in 2 different services. This week ( I leave tomorrow) will be in the Pittsburgh area, then Youngstown, OH and finally in the Ft. Wayne area. I will be speaking on the Passover / Last Supper.

Unfortunately - I am right int he middle of my busy season so I am not able to write such a full response this day, but I will try to respond briefly.

Yes, I believe the Scriptures and make no apologies about that. The Apostles did have scriptures - how else did the Apostle Paul make the statement in 2 Timothy 3:16 - 16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:
17 That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.

The Scriptures he spoke of are what we commonly call the Old Testament. He commonly used these to share in synagogues in the first century proving that Jesus was the Messiah (Christ).

Jesus Himself believed the Genesis account as He quoted from it historically in Matthew 19:4. There are many more places where I could show you that the Apostles believed the literal account of Genesis by the context of their writings, but I lack time here.

May I ask as a summary question - are you saying that ID is 100% without merit? That there is not a single valid point (or plausible evolutionary problem) made by any of the ID'ers?

Again - some major problems that I have...

*Chance forming all the components of a cell - and then forming them within a cell wall. No evidence for this and a HUGE improbability.

*Left handedness of amino acids. Chance?

How does one explain the evolutionary process that leads a caterpillar to spin a cocoon and then grow wings and fly away? Scripture often tells us that God uses the animal kingdom to teach humanity truth. (ie. the Fox is an example of craftiness [cf. Luke 13:32] - the ant is an example of diligence, etc. The butterfly is a perfect example of death, burial and resurrection. (Very appropriate considering what week we are in.)

* The bombardier beetle Combining chemicals in it's rear portion that (in combustion) help it defend itself by shooting out an explosive and deadly 200 degree spray. How do these elements occur by time and chance - when one wrong mixture within the creature would of necessity destroy the creature and therefore disallow natural selection to take place?

Anyway - there is much more to say (and I haven't really addressed any of your responses yet either) but I have less that 24 hours to go before I have to leave for several days and so I have to end this here.

I do wish you the best, but to be a soldier for Christ, you must bow before His throne and accept His words and acknowledge the teaching this to His flock contrary to His Holy Word is a sin.

That is love - knowledge of Him and His Holy Word.

Therefore, I wish you His love,

In the Great Designer of life,


Doug the Creationist should read my novels before replying - or at least send me a "I've got it, am really busy, will read it in a few days and respond then" type email instead. This would be good, because I can refute a couple of his examples from this email using the same means by which I refuted some of his earlier stuff.

UPDATE: Doug would like to make a grammer [sic] correction:

Lest you think me a hick - I discovered a grammer error and wanted to correct it...

I do wish you the best, but to be a soldier for Christ, you must bow before His throne and accept His words and acknowledge that teaching anything to His flock that is contrary to His Holy Word is a sin.

Be well,


UPDATE: After a few days, I've finally gotten around to replying.

:: The Squire 9:26 PM :: email this post :: ::


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