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:: Thursday, August 24, 2006 ::

Anyone Care To Explain This?

I just got a massmail from Chancellor Herman in my inbox (since my old UIUC email gets shunted to my new gmail account) about "Respect and Civility within the Campus Community." It reads as follows:
DATE: August 23, 2006

TO: Undergraduate and Graduate Students

FROM: Richard Herman, Chancellor
Renee Romano, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

RE: Respect and Civility within the Campus Community

As the new academic year begins, we remind you that it is each of our responsibility to treat others with civility. The campus community is a remarkable array of ideas, cultures and experiences. In your time at Illinois, you will learn from these ideas and experiences but in the process, may encounter people who have views that are different from yours. The University values this diversity and works to create a welcoming atmosphere--where ideas are discussed and debated in respectful
ways. Unfortunately, some people choose to treat others with disrespect, intolerance and even hate.

Speech and expression are our rights, and the Student Code guarantees that members of the campus community are able to discuss issues and express views, as long as they are not in violation of law and do not disrupt the operation of the University or interfere with the rights of others. This is the foundation of a world class academic community such as ours. When viewpoints are debated openly and civilly, truth will eventually emerge. We are confident that we as individuals and as a
university will always be made wiser and stronger by debate.

Your educational experience at Illinois will be much richer, because of the many and varied viewpoints you will encounter in your time here. We encourage you to reach out to classmates and others who might introduce you to new ideas and experiences and with whom you might share your own ideas.

We wish you a successful and rewarding academic year.

This mailing approved by:
The Office of the Chancellor
In my four years at the university, I don't remember ever getting an email like this, so I'm led to believe that something went down on campus in the past 48 hours that really wasn't cool, yet there's nothing in the DI or News-Gazette news webpages about it. (I haven't gotten up the courage to brave the opinions pages yet.)

So, anyone else have any info on what happened, or is everyone else as in the dark as I am?

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